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Bringing you a taste of history with handcrafted microbrews and reimagined american cuisine.
Clarion River Brewing Company is a place that will take you back to a simpler time, where delicious food,
handcrafted beer, and history reside. Along with having a rich and colorful history, Clarion County is home to
beautiful rolling hills covered by lush forests with rivers and streams weaving through this breathtaking landscape.

the beer

Iron Furnace

An old fashioned American Pale Ale named for Clarion County’s abundant mineral riches. Between 1845 and 1854, one-half of the iron produced in Pennsylvania was manufactured in Clarion County, deservedly winning the nickname “Iron County.

Clarion River

An Imperial Stout brewed each season a little differently. Named after the sound of ripples on the water made mellow by the wall of timber on both sides of the river, said to sound like “a distant clarion”.


A traditional Cream Ale commemorating April 6, 1841. This is when the village of Clarion was incorporated into a borough and became the County Seat of Clarion County.


A Brown Ale in honor of the Anti-Horse Thief Association. It still costs $1.00 to become a life member, and such memberships are held by Dwight D. Eisenhower and Arthur Godfrey.

yesterday, today, and tomorrow

We draw inspiration from our world around us and the days gone by. The names of the beer
commemorate stories from the past and celebrate the people, accomplishments,
and significant events of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Be sure to check out the history page and each individual beer!

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